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6.3 Deleting a Ruleset

If you wish to delete a Ruleset in Atomik Xport;

  1. 1 Select ‘Delete Ruleset’ from the Atomik Xport menu

  1. 2 Click on the ruleset you wish to delete from the list that appears

You will now be presented with a confirmation dialog.

  1. 3 Click ‘Yes’ to confirm the deletion of the ruleset. The ruleset has now been deleted.

Note that Atomik Xport will only display the rulesets in the location specified in the Atomik Xport Preferences. See Atomik Xport Preferences for information on how to change this location.

Additionally you can also delete Rulesets at a system level by locating the ruleset file itself and deleting it in the normal way.

Ash new builds of our software develop, some controls in the ruleset will change, but existing Atomik Xport rulesets will be automatically updated to take into account the changes in the interface, and will continue to operate without requiring you to make any manual changes. Note, rulesets are not backwards-compatible with older versions of Atomik Xport.