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Chapter 3 Tutorial 1: Basic Functions

In this tutorial, you will learn about the power and efficiency of Atomik Xport by extracting content from an InDesign document into XML format.

We will use a sample document - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll - for the purposes of this tutorial, although the principles and the procedures involved can be applied to a wide variety of documents.

These tutorials provides a fast way of becoming familiar with the main functions of Atomik Xport. Later chapters will address the use of Atomik Xport in more detail.

The key stages in this tutorial are:

  1. 1 Opening Atomik Xport’s XML Preview palette
  2. 2 Adding InDesign content to the XML Preview
  3. 3 Saving an XML file with Atomik Xport


The objective of this tutorial is to provide an introductory understanding of how to create XML documents from InDesign documents using Atomik Xport.