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6.5.2 Attribute filtering

Just below the menu of matching options are the four attributes (apart from style names) that Atomik Xport matches content with, namely ‘font’, ‘size’, ‘face’ and ‘colour’. Rather than having Atomik Xport match all four of these attributes you can configure the rule to only use a subset of them. For example you might setup a rule that uses just the colour attribute or font name.

By default all four attributes are ticked. Simply click on any attributes you do not want Atomik Xport to match against to have them excluded. These options are only applicable when an attribute matching option is used for a rule. They obviously do not apply when styles are involved. Also, only the Face attribute applies on the ‘Match Additional Attributes Only’ setting.

Text size ranges

When you make rules based on the attributes (rather than the style name) of text, these rules can sometimes miss out on text because the user has ‘nudged’ the text size up from 12pt to 12.2pt, for example. Atomik Xport 4 offers you the ability to specify a range of text sizes, and will match any text within this range of sizes.

Rules which match font size ranges can be created simply by clicking the ‘Range’ checkbox (just below the ‘size’ checkbox on the ‘Rules’ tab of the ‘Edit Ruleset’ dialog), and entering the appropriate ‘from’ and ‘to’ values.