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3.1 First Steps

  1. 1 Launch InDesign with Atomik Xport enabled

If you have not yet successfully installed Atomik Xport, please refer to installation instructions for details of how to achieve this.

  1. 2 Confirm that the Atomik Xport menu is visible

If it is not, please refer to the supplementary manual “Atomik Xport – Getting Started”, and follow the installation instructions – otherwise proceed to step 3

  1. 3 From InDesign’s File menu select ‘Open’
  2. 4 Locate the InDesign document “Tutorial1” from the Tutorials folder and select it.

On OS X the Tutorials Folder can be found on the Macintosh HD in: Library/Documentation/Atomik Xport InDesign 4.6

On Windows the Tutorials Folder can be found in the Shared Documents folder (on XP) or in the Public Documents folder (Vista).

  1. 5 Click ‘Open’. When you receive a message warning you of links to missing or modified files, choose ‘Don’t Fix’. You do not need to access image files to perform an extraction.

You should now see the following document:


The Tutorial1 document is a typeset, illustrated edition of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Although this is a novel, the principles you will learn in this tutorial could equally apply to a newspaper, magazine, directory, catalogue or any other type of publication.

The next step is to configure the Atomik Xport Preferences to tell Atomik Xport where it should store and locate its ruleset files.

  1. 1 Select Preferences from the Atomik Xport menu
  1. 2 In the Rulesets section of the Preferences, click the “Choose...” button (Mac) or “Browse...” (Windows).
  2. 3 Locate the “Rulesets” folder within the “Tutorials” folder, and select it
  3. 4 Click the “Choose” button at the bottom of the dialog
  4. 5 Click the “OK” button to save your Preferences

Atomik Xport will now look in the Rulesets folder within the Tutorials folder for any rulesets that it needs. You can confirm that you have successfully set the Preferences by selecting “Edit Ruleset” on the Atomik Xport menu. At which point you should now see the “Tutorial1.rls” as a selectable option