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6.6.1 Default box ordering

Default Box Ordering is appropriate for a very wide range of publications. Default Box Ordering causes Atomik Xport to navigate through an InDesign document, starting with the box in the top left hand corner of the first page. When it has either extracted the content from that box or has not found any content to be extracted, Atomik Xport then moves to the box directly below.

Atomik Xport will continue to move from each box to the one below until it reaches the bottom of the page. Once Atomik Xport reaches the bottom of the page, it will move one column to the right and start navigating from the box at the top of the page downwards (as in the previous column). If there is no column to the right, Atomik Xport will start navigating from the top left of the following page of the InDesign document.

The first diagram below illustrates at a generic level what default box ordering is. The adjoining diagram shows how this would work for a specific InDesign document where the numbers represent the sequence in which the boxes will be examined for extraction by Atomik Xport.

Example of Default Box Ordering Sequence where numbers represent the sequence