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6.6.2 Reverse box ordering

Reverse Box Ordering causes Atomik Xport to start with the top left text or image box, and then to move to the box immediately to its right. Atomik Xport continues moving to the text box to the right until it reaches the end of the first row of the page or double-page spread. Atomik Xport then moves to the next row down, starting with the box on the left-hand end of the (left-hand) page (if a spread is being used). If Atomik Xport reaches the end of the page or spread (i.e. the bottom right-hand corner) it will continue in the top left hand corner of the following page or spread.

Order By Page

By default, Atomik Xport will perform reverse box ordering across the entire double-page spread (if one exists). By ticking the ‘Order By Page’ option, Atomik Xport will work through the document on a page-by-page basis rather than spread-by-spread.

The diagram below illustrates at a generic level what reverse box ordering is. This is followed by a diagram showing how this might apply to a InDesign document - in this case a two-page spread without the ‘Order By Page’ option ticked.

Reverse Box Ordering: How Atomik Xport moves through each InDesign page

Example of Reverse Box Ordering Sequence across a spread, where numbers represent the sequence