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6.6.3 Box position tolerance

Atomik Xport’s box ordering preferences are used to specify the order in which text and picture boxes are processed on the page.

However, if your boxes aren’t perfectly aligned, you will find that the boxes aren’t read in perhaps the order which you might expect.

This is because the box ordering is calculated on the left-hand edge of the boxes for default box ordering, and the top edge of the box for reverse box ordering : and so if the left hand edges of the boxes aren’t aligned on the page (accurate to 0.01 points), then the boxes with the left-most position will be read first (see example diagram above).

This can be resolved by ensuring all the boxes are perfectly aligned on the page - but, of course, this isn’t an ideal solution. Atomik Xport offers an additional preference, ‘Box Position Tolerance’, which allows you to specify a “margin of error” for box alignment. Boxes which are positioned within the specified tolerance from one another will be considered in alignment

The example above shows the box ordering if the box position tolerance is set to 6pt - any boxes less than 6pt out of alignment with the their peers will be considered part of the same ‘column’. Boxes which are further than 6pt out of alignment are considered as a separate column.