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6.7.2 Element Roles

For images and their associated text, Atomik Xport provides a way of extracting them meaningfully irrespective of the chosen box ordering preferences. This approach is not based on mapping rules, but relies on you assigning roles to specified elements in your DTD.

You can assign roles from the Element Roles dialog:

1. In the DTD tab of the Ruleset Editor, click ‘Element Roles’

2. The Element Roles dialog will appear. Labels on the left list the roles of Image, Caption and Copyright Elements.

Against each role is a listbox allowing you to assign an element from your DTD.

3. The ‘Image Element’ listbox is populated with elements from your DTD that have the ‘EMPTY’ content model.

4. Select the element from your DTD that will represent images.

The ‘Caption’ and ‘Copyright Element’ listboxes will then populate with siblings of your designated Image Element.

5. Select the elements from your DTD that will hold caption and copyright text.

6. Press ‘OK’ to return to the Ruleset Editor, where the ‘Apply’ button will be enabled for you to save your changes.