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3.2 Using the XML Preview

Definition: The XML Preview palette displays content in XML form, ready to be output to an XML file.

The XML Preview offers several benefits before extraction; in particular it enables you to view XML content within Atomik Xport and add content from multiple InDesign documents into a single XML document.

  1. 1 Select ‘Export XML…’ from the Atomik Xport menu

The empty XML Preview palette should now be displayed on screen as below.

Newly created empty preview

  1. 2 Make sure that ‘Tutorial1.rls’ is displayed in the drop down menu against the ‘Current Ruleset’ label as shown below:

We’ll explain what a ruleset is in Tutorial 2 and how you can create your own rulesets. For now just continue with the instructions using the ruleset we have already created for you.

Next you will see the powerful automation of Atomik Xport as, with a single mouse-click, Atomik Xport will extract the current InDesign document’s content into your XML Preview palette.

  1. 3 From the Atomik Xport menu, click on ‘Add Current Layout’

You will see a message alerting you that the XML is being extracted.

Atomik Xport has extracted the contents of the InDesign document into the XML Preview palette according to the ‘Tutorial1.rls’ ruleset.

Notice that you were not required to manually drag and drop. Atomik Xport extracted the entire document in one go. This provides maximum efficiency and automation.

  1. 4 Click on the triangular icon to the left of the ‘html’ element in the “XML” panel within the XML Preview.

More elements of the XML that has been created by Atomik Xport will appear. The preview is structured hierarchically according to the DTD (Document Type Definition). DTDs are covered in more detail later in this User Manual.

  1. 5 Click on the triangular icons next to some of the other elements to display their child elements, together with the first few words of text contained in that element (see below).

XML Preview with XML tree expanded

The elements in the XML panel will correspond to the chapters in the “Tutorial1” InDesign document. Also, the ‘child’ elements will correspond to the paragraphs and images that make up each chapter.

You have now added content to the XML Preview palette using Atomik Xport. Multiple documents could be added to a single preview, using the same Ruleset by repeating the above steps for each document.