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7.1.6 “Extract Box as Image” checkbox

This checkbox allows you to specify that a group box or a text box, for example one containing a table, be extracted by Atomik Xport as if it were an image.

When a box is marked to be extracted as an image it is also possible to associate a caption or copyright with it.

The appearance of a box extracted as an image will depend on what fonts are used in this box and whether these fonts are available on the workstation (or server) running Atomik Xport since the image is generated at extraction-time.

In addition to the checkbox, “Extract Box as Image” also appears as a menu item in the Atomik Tools menu, part of the context and “Object” menus, when a text or group box is selected.

For example, if a document contains a diagram which is made up of multiple lines, text boxes and images, then you may wish this diagram to be extracted as an image. To do this, first group these multiple lines and boxes together as one grouped item. Next mark this group box to be extracted as an image.