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7.2 Atomik Image Captions

This palette allows you to monitor and refine the image associations in your document that you have created either with the buttons or menu items described earlier. The Atomik Image Captions palette lists all images from the layout which have associated text, displaying the caption and/or copyright text when an image in the list is selected.

If you double-click an image in the list, InDesign will select the image on the page and scroll it into view.

Similarly, by clicking on the ‘Jump to Caption’ or ‘Jump to Copyright’ buttons below associated text, InDesign will select the corresponding text box on the page and scroll it into view.

Trim Caption

By default a caption will include all the text in the box that you have associated with an image. If the text in the box is edited then the caption changes also. However, there may be cases where you do not wish to include the full text, for instance when the associated box contains multiple captions, or when pointers are included which refer to the layout on the printed page (‘top right’, ‘left’, ‘above’ etc).

For these situations, Atomik Tools provides a ‘Trim Captions’ dialog.

To trim a caption:

1. Select the image in the Atomik Image Captions palette.

The Associated Caption box will display the caption text.

2. Click on the ‘Trim Caption’ icon.

The Trim Caption dialog will appear, presenting the full text of the caption box.

3. To trim the caption, simply select the desired text range and click ‘Trim’.

4. Back in the Atomik Image Captions palette, the associated caption text will now be listed with the text ‘Above:’ removed.

An icon is displayed to the right of the image filename to indicate the caption is trimmed.

If the text in the associated caption box is subsequently edited and its length alters then it will be necessary to Trim the caption again.