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Chapter 8 Content Proofing

Although you can be assured that Atomik Xport will always identify content correctly according to the rules defined in the ruleset, there are situations when the extraction might not go as you intended it. For example if a user forgot to apply a particular style to some text, the result could be that the text is not extracted from the document.

There will always be those occasions when content is not extracted either for styling, ruleset or DTD reasons. In this case it is useful to be able to see very quickly if content has been missed out. There are two ways that you can proof content. The first is simply to look at the content while it is in the XML Preview before the XML is created. For many users this is the best way to visually confirm that the extraction has gone to plan. However if you are dealing with large volumes of content it is more difficult to spot.

The easiest way is to use the Proofing Log in Atomik Xport. Atomik Xport can be configured to automatically generate content proofing files at the same time a document is added to an XML Preview.