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9.2 Proofing preferences

Auto-Save Proofing Logs

If you have chosen to auto-save the Proofing Log then when you export the XML file, the actual location that the Proofing Log file is written to is defined in the Atomik Xport Preferences. Users can specify a location for the logs to be stored in or simply choose the ‘Store Logs in XML Folder’ option to have them automatically written to the same folder as the corresponding XML file.

Content proofing preferences

To change the content proofing file location:

  1. 1 Select ‘Preferences...’ from the Atomik Xport menu
  2. 2 In the Content Proofing section of the Preferences, make sure ‘Auto-Save Proofing Logs’ is ticked, and the ‘Store in Specified Folder:’ option is selected.
  3. 3 Click the ‘Choose’ button to browse to locate the folder that you wish to contain your content proofing files
  4. 4 Click the ‘Choose....’ button once you have browsed to the new location
  5. 5 Click OK to save your preferences

The content proofing log file is generated at the point the XML file is written.

The Atomik Xport Preferences are located on the Atomik Xport menu in InDesign. The preferences are application rather than ruleset specific and perform two main functions:

  1. 1 To specify where the Atomik Xport rulesets are located
  2. 2 To configure the content proofing features