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12.6 The Image Captions palette

To list all images (by filename) with their associated captions and copyright information, open the Image Captions palette (available from Window>Atomik Tools>Atomik Image Captions).

Select an image in the list, and the text you have manually associated will appear in the ‘Caption’ and ‘Copyright’ boxes below.

Double-click an image in the list, and the layout will scroll to its page, and select the image box.

Trimming captions

Once you have an image selected in the Image Captions palette, the corresponding text will appear in the captions and copyright boxes beneath. It is possible to trim the text of the caption. This can be useful in cases where the caption includes spatial indicators such as ‘above’ or ‘overleaf’, which may no longer be applicable when your XML is repurposed, or when your caption box contains several captions, each applying to a different image.

To trim a caption:

1. Select the image in the Image Captions palette

In the Associated Caption box, the caption will appear.

2. Below the caption, click the Trim Caption icon.

The Trim Caption dialog should appear, presenting the entire contents of the caption box.

3. Select the part of the text that you wish to be retained as the image’s caption.

4. Click ‘Trim’.

5. Back in the Image Captions palette, the Associated Caption box will contain the trimmed text.

Icons below the caption allow you jump to the caption box in your layout, and to remove the association altogether. These functions are also available for the copyright text.

Note: Atomik Xport will automatically capitalize the first letter of a trimmed caption.