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4.2 Box ordering

Before you start defining rules in the Ruleset Editor, you need to apply box ordering settings which determine how Xport scans your document.

  1. 1 Open the Boxes tab of the Ruleset Editor
  2. 2 In the Box Ordering section, ‘Default ’ should be selected.

This determines that Xport will scan your layout working picking up boxes for extraction, working top-to-bottom in columns, progressing from left to right.

  1. 3 Set the Box Position Tolerance to 0 pt.
  2. 4 Press the ‘Advanced’ button to open the Advanced Box Options dialog.
  3. 5 Ensure the Advanced Box Options are as below:

Box Ordering is explained in greater details in the chapter “Working with Rulesets”. For now, it is suffice to understand that using “Default” box ordering Atomik Xport scans the spread in columns, working from left to right.

There is one override we will apply to the Box Ordering settings, which is to extract grouped boxes together:

  1. In the Box Ordering section of the Boxes tab, make sure the “Follow Groups” checkbox is checked.
  2. Click “Apply” to commit your changes.