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4.6 Extracting XML using your new ruleset

You can now use your new ruleset to extract XML from the InDesign document.

  1. 1 Select ‘Export XML…’ from the Atomik Xport menu.
  2. 2 You will be presented with an empty XML Preview palette.
  1. 3 ‘Tutorial2’ should be displayed against ‘Current Ruleset’. If it is not displayed then select it from the drop-down list.
  2. 4 Click on ‘Add Current Layout’

You will briefly see a message alerting you that XML is being extracted.

Atomik Xport should now extracted the contents of the InDesign document into the XML Preview according to the ‘Tutorial2.rls’ ruleset you just created.

At this point, only the root element is visible in the XML tree. Pressing the ‘Alt’ key while clicking the triangular icon to the left of the root element ‘Brochure’ in the ‘XML’ panel will expand the entire XML tree. You should be able to see your content has been added as illustrated below.

  1. XML Preview palette after current document has been added

Note: If you do not get all of the content displayed in the XML Preview when you click the triangle icon to expand the view, or there is no triangle icon to expand, you should go back and check your ruleset against the mapping table in this chapter.

Finally to export the content as XML:

  1. 5 Click the ‘Export As’ button to choose the name and destination of your XML file.
  2. 6 Browse to the ‘Tutorial2’ folder (located within the /Tutorials/ folder)
  3. 7 Type the file name ‘Tutorial2.xml’ in the ‘Save As’ dialog
  4. 8 Click ‘Save’
  5. 9 Click the ‘Export’ button

  1. 10 Locate and open the ‘Tutorial2’ folder

Atomik Xport has created an XML file called ‘Tutorial2.xml’. To view this XML document you can either open it in a standard text editor or alternatively you can view it in Microsoft Internet Explorer™ or Apple Safari.

Note: opening the XML document in a browser will display the hierarchical XML, rather than a formatted webpage, because this time we have not linked an XSL transform to convert the XML to HTML.