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Chapter 5 Tutorial 3: Atomik Tools

In this tutorial, you will learn about how the Atomik Tools features can be used to prepare your content for extraction. It works by allowing the DTP operator to author-in information into the layout that will override the automated extraction system.

There are a number of specific ways you can use the Atomik Tools:

1. Associating captions with images

2. Associating copyright text with images

3. Excluding boxes

4. Marking boxes to be extracted as images rather than text

5. Marking images to be extracted at higher resolution

6. Overriding box ordering settings

Note: You may freely install the Atomik Tools plug-ins across your organization and at your suppliers. The Atomik Tools plug-ins may be installed independently of Atomik Xport using the Atomik Xport installer. The Atomik Tools plug-ins do not require activation. More information on these freely distributable tools can be found in ‘Chapter 7 – Atomik Tools’.