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5.1 Excluding boxes from extraction

In Tutorial 2 , you may have noticed that each hotel has a graphic depicting the star-rating adjacent to its hotel title. In Tutorial 3, we are going to exclude the star image from the extracted XML, because the rating also appears in each hotel description.

  1. 1 Launch InDesign with the Atomik Tools plug-ins installed.

If you have not yet successfully installed Atomik Tools, please refer to installation instructions in the Getting Started Guide for details of how to achieve this.

  1. 2 From the Window menu select ‘Atomik Tools’, to display the palette.

  1. 3 From the File menu select ‘Open’
  2. 4 Locate the InDesign document ‘Tutorial3.indd’ from the Tutorials folder (/Tutorials/Tutorial 3/)

On OS X the Tutorials Folder can be found on the Macintosh HD in: Library/Documentation/Atomik Xport InDesign 4.6

On Windows the Tutorials Folder can be found in the Shared Documents folder (on XP) or in the Public Documents folder (Vista).

  1. Click ‘Open’. When you receive a message warning you of links to missing or modified files, choose ‘Don’t Fix’. You do not need to access image files to perform an extraction.

You should now see the document below. The next step is to configure the Atomik Xport Preferences to tell Atomik Xport where it should store and locate its ruleset files. If you have just done Tutorial 2, then this will already be correct and you can skip this step.


Because the star images are grouped with other boxes on the page, we will need to use InDesign’s direct selection tool to select the image. In InDesign’s Tools, click on the direct selection tool. It is highlighted in the image below:

InDesign’s direct selection tool

6. On the first page of the document, select the star graphic adjacent to the name ‘GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE HOTEL’. The graphic will now be highlighted with brown borders.

An image selected with InDesign’s direct selection tool

7. With the image selected, tick the ‘Exclude Box’ checkbox in the Atomik Tools palette.

8. Repeat this for the other four star images in the document.

You can check which boxes are excluded by referring to the Atomik Excluded Boxes palette. You can open this palette from InDesign’s Window > Atomik Tools menu. There should be five images listed.

Note: if you double-click an item in the list, the excluded box will scroll into view in the layout.

  1. Now, extract the XML: open the XML Preview, choose ‘Tutorial3’ as your current ruleset and add the current layout.
  2. Switch to the Proofing Log (select ‘Window’ from the InDesign menu bar then ‘Xport Proofing Log‘ from the drop-down menu).

You will find the five star symbols are listed in the Proofing Log, which indicates that they have not been extracted. ‘Image Set to be Excluded’ is given as the reason for non-extraction.

You have now seen how the Atomik Tools palette can be used to exclude boxes from the extracted XML. We have excluded images, but it works equally well excluding text.

Note: to exclude a set of Grouped boxes, select them with InDesign’s ‘Selection Tool’ rather than the ‘Direct Selection Tool’, before ticking the ‘Exclude Box’ checkbox.