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Chapter 1 About Atomik Xport

Atomik Xport is a solution to enable you to extract content from your desktop publishing documents as eXtensible Markup Languages (XML) format in the most efficient way, and to enhance the XML with metadata (data which describes the content of the document). This negates the need for ‘cutting and pasting’ content from your desktop publishing application into templates for use in digital media.

Atomik Xport is aimed at publishers who wish to re-purpose content from print-publications for use in electronic publishing. Using Atomik Xport enables you to continue publishing print publications without interfering with the existing print production process, and to re-use content from those publications in electronic publishing in the most efficient way possible.

With Atomik Xport Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition, content from your documents is extracted according to your chosen Document Type Definition (DTD), which means your XML adheres to a predefined structure. Extracting XML to a predictable structure offers advantages in enforcing coherence, as well as managing, sharing, processing and re-purposing content.