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5.3 Trimming captions in QuarkXPress 7.2 and onwards

  1. Close the XML Preview and open the Image Captions palette (avaiable from Window > Xport Image Captions). Select the first image in the list, named ‘LasVegas_Strip.jpg‘

You will notice the caption text for the image is displayed below the list. The caption text indicates that it refers to the image ‘Above’. This may not be relevant when you repurpose your data, so we are going to trim the associated caption text to remove the word ‘Above’.

  1. Click the ‘Trim Caption’ icon below the ‘Associated Caption’ text: This is the middle icon which resembles a pair of inward pointing arrows.

Trim Caption icon

The Trim Caption dialog will appear displaying the caption.

  1. Select the text that you wish to appear as the image’s caption.

4. Click the ‘Trim’ button.

The caption is now listed with the text ‘Above:’ removed.