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6.6.5 Grouped preference

A feature of QuarkXPress is the ability to group items together on the page, whether they be text boxes, lines, picture boxes or anything else. There are user design advantages to doing this but there are also content advantages as well. Some companies make a point of grouping together everything that belongs to a specific entity in their publication, e.g. they group together all items in a completed article or an image with its caption.

By selecting the ‘Grouped’ preference in Atomik Xport, you can take advantage of the grouping features of QuarkXPress to indicate to Atomik Xport that items of content belong together. For example that three images and two text boxes in a magazine, although they are not immediately next to each other, nevertheless belong to the same article.

With the preference selected, when Atomik Xport encounters the first member of a group of boxes on the page, it extract the content from all of the other grouped boxes before it continues through the layout, thus overriding the specified box ordering. When working within a group of boxes, Atomik Xport will still use the specified primary box ordering but WITHIN the grouped set of text and picture boxes. With the grouped preference unticked, Atomik Xport will simply ignore grouping information in the QuarkXPress layout and follow the primary box ordering for the entire page or spread.

For example, if the ‘Grouped’ preference is selected and the ‘Default’ box ordering preference is also selected, then for groups, Atomik Xport will identify the first member of the group and when it gets to the end of this first box, it will look for the next box below, within the same group of boxes. If there is no box below which is in the same group, Atomik Xport will look to the right for another box in the group. Only when Atomik Xport has extracted content from all the boxes in the group will it return to boxes outside of the group.

The ‘Grouped’ preference is a secondary preference, in that it is independent of whether default or reverse box ordering is selected and can be used in combination with the other secondary box- ordering preferences.

With the ‘Grouped’ preference enabled, Atomik Xport will extract content from each of the boxes within a QuarkXPress group