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9.1 Ruleset preferences

The Atomik Xport Preferences enable rulesets to be located anywhere on your computer or network. To change the ruleset location:

  1. 1 Select ‘Preferences...’ from the Atomik Xport menu
  2. 2 In the ‘Rulesets’ section of the Atomik Xport Preferences, against the folder path, click the ‘Choose’ button (Mac) or ‘Browse’ (Win).
  3. 3 Browse to locate the folder that either contains your rulesets or that you wish to contain your new rulesets
  4. 4 Click the ‘Select....’ button to choose the new location
  5. 5 Click OK to save your preferences

It is possible to access the Atomik Xport Preferences at any time, however it is most sensible to only change the location of your rulesets when neither the Ruleset Editor nor XML Preview is open.

Auto-Save Versions

It is possible to configure Atomik Xport to automatically save a time-stamped copy of your ruleset whenever you choose ‘Edit Ruleset’ from the Atomik Xport dropdown menu, thereby storing a version of the ruleset before you make any changes. Following this practice will allow you to return to an earlier version of a ruleset whenever necessary.

To set Atomik Xport to save your ruleset before you edit it:

  1. 1 Select ‘Preferences...’ from the Atomik Xport menu.
  2. 2 In the rulesets section of the window, click the ‘Auto-Save Versions’ checkbox if it does not already display a tick.
  3. 3 Set the folder you wish to auto-save your rulesets to, by clicking the ‘Choose’ button (Mac) or ‘Browse’ (Win).
  4. 4 Browse to locate the folder that will contain your rulesets versions.
  5. 5 Click the ‘Select....’ button to choose the new location.
  6. 6 Click OK to save your preferences.

Atomik will automatically create a subfolder for each ruleset. In addition, Atomik will distinguish between different versions of the same ruleset by basing the filename on the date and time the ruleset was auto-saved.

To open an earlier version of a ruleset, simply copy it from the Auto-Save Versions folder over to your ruleset folder (both paths are given in the Atomik Xport Preferences).