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Chapter 10 Extracting Content Manually

This chapter covers how to extract content from QuarkXPress projects using a manual drag and drop process with Atomik Xport.

The reason for this approach is that a manual extraction process allows for more flexibility and greater control over how content is extracted. For example, you might want to extract content that has not been styled for automated extraction. Although the strength of Atomik Xport is its automation, it is flexible enough to cater for both automated and manual extraction.

There are two distinct types of manual extraction and these are governed by whether or not the manual extraction is performed at a text box or character level. Opting for text box based manual extraction causes Atomik Xport to use the rules defined in the ruleset for that XML Preview. Using a character level manual extraction causes Atomik Xport to ignore the rules and add content based on the actions of the user and the ordering of XML elements defined in the DTD.

Additionally, Atomik Xport can either automatically create the structure for you in the XML Preview based on the DTD or users can manually add individual elements to the structure one by one. The explanations of the two manual extraction methods both assume Atomik Xport automatically creates the structure. However the process is the same even if the structures are created manually.