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10.4 Manually adding and removing structure

In the above sections outlining manual content extraction, it was assumed that you would let Atomik Xport automatically create the structure of the XML based on the DTD. It is also possible to add and remove elements from the XML manually. This is a straightforward process and Atomik Xport will only add elements as per the structure and sequence of the DTD therefore guaranteeing the XML is completely valid. Manually adding structure brings even greater control to the extraction process.

Manual structure is created as follows:

  1. 1 Launch QuarkXPress with Atomik Xport enabled

If you have not yet successfully installed Atomik Xport, please refer to the Getting Started guide for details of how to achieve this.

  1. 2 Confirm that the Atomik Xport menu is visible
  2. 3 ‘Open’ the project from which you wish to extract content as XML
  3. 4 Choose ‘Export XML’ from the Atomik Xport menu to open the Preview Palette
  4. 5 Click ‘Add Current Layout’ to create your preview
  5. 6 Click on the triangle to the left of the root element of the DTD in the XML panel to reveal the structure of the XML document contained in the Preview

Note if you created a new Preview and/or do not have content currently added to the Preview, there will be no structure to see and therefore no triangle to expand the structure.

  1. 7 Hold down the CTRL key and while keeping the CTRL key held down, click the element which you wish to manipulate.

This will invoke a context sensitive pop-up menu for that particular element as in the following diagram.

Pop-up menu for manual structure manipulation

  1. 8 To add a new element to the XML, move your mouse over the ‘New Child Item’ menu option and release the mouse button over the DTD element you wish to add.

Adding a new child element

If there are several possible elements that the DTD specifies can exist below the element you have selected, all possible choices will be presented for you to choose from.

  1. 9 To remove an element from the XML, click ‘Remove Item’ from the pop-up menu.

Removing an XML element

Note: You will only be able to add and remove elements from the XML as the DTD allows. For example if the DTD specifies that a section in a magazine must have a section name, Atomik Xport will not allow you to remove the section name without removing the section itself. This safe guard ensures that the XML is valid.