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Chapter 19 Problem Solving

The following provides solutions to several simple technical problems that you might encounter when using Atomik Xport and Atomik Enhancer

Atomik Xport does not add any content into the XML Preview when you select ‘Add Current Layout’

There are three main areas that could cause this to happen, as follows:

  1. 1 Font Issues - If you do not have the correct fonts installed for the QuarkXPress project you are trying to extract content from, it is possible that when you run the extraction, no content gets extracted. This will happen if the first element in your DTD is mapped to a style in QuarkXPress that is missing fonts and has hence over-run its text box in QuarkXPress. You can solve this issue by either installing the correct fonts on your computer or ticking the ‘Extract Overmatter’ option in the ‘Boxes’ tab of the Ruleset Editor for the ruleset used for extraction.
  2. 2 Mapping issues - You may have mapped the styles in QuarkXPress to the wrong DTD element(s). Check that the first element in your DTD that can contain #PCDATA, is mapped correctly. This is an easy mistake to make when the user maps the style to the parent rather than the child element e.g. to Section rather than to SectionName.
  3. 3 DTD Issues - If you have not successfully used this DTD to extract content from this project or type of project before, you might want to go back and re-examine your DTD to make sure that the ordering actually reflects the content as it is in the QuarkXPress project.

Atomik Xport appears to have extracted the content from the QuarkXPress layout into the wrong DTD elements

In this case, first check your ruleset to ensure that you have mapped the styles and style sheets to the correct DTD elements. If you have then you might also want to look and see if there are any conflicts in the rules whereby two pieces of text have identical styling and could therefore by construed by Atomik Xport as being two or more different types of content. See Chapter 9 - Working with DTDs for Atomik Xport for further details.

No images are extracted with Atomik Xport

Make sure that the Image element is declared as per the definition in this manual (see Chapter 9 - Extracting Images). Also make sure that your DTD has been defined in such a way that the DTD allows Images to occur where they occur in the sequence of the QuarkXPress layout.

No tables are extracted with Atomik Xport

Make sure that the Table element is declared as per the definition in this manual (see Chapter 10 - Extracting Tables). Also make sure that your DTD has been defined in such a way that the DTD allows Table elements to occur where they occur in the sequence of the QuarkXPress document.

The content appears to be coming out in the wrong order

Atomik Xport extracts the content in the order described in your ruleset’s box-ordering preferences. One reason that it doesn’t appear to be extracting in the correct order is if you have the ‘Grouped’ preference enabled and Atomik Xport is therefore allowing QuarkXPress grouping to overrule the specified box ordering. Another issue to investigate is the use of inline image and text boxes. If your ruleset does not have the ‘Inline’ preference enabled, any inline picture and text boxes will be extracted after the text box over which they occur rather than in the exact geometric position in which they are on the page. Therefore try enabling the ‘Inline’ preference

Atomik Xport is not recognising my inline box

There are a couple of reasons that this might occur. The first thing to check is the tolerance in the ruleset’s box-ordering preferences. See Section 5.6.3 in Chapter 5 for details. The other related issue could be that you have the group option enabled in the box-ordering . In this case check that the inline text and image boxes are not grouped with other boxes that would therefore effect the overall area of the group and therefore the inline tolerance.

My bullets are coming out as letters in the XML

This is most likely because you are using a special font to create your bullets rather than the standard bullet character. As Atomik Xport uses UTF8 font encoding and does not including font information in the extraction, the only solution is to either perform a search and replace on the extracted XML (providing that the character is unique) or replace the special font character you are using with the standard bullet character.

My formatting information is not being extracted

Check that you have included the Atomik Xport styling elements in your DTD and that they have been configured in such a way that each styling element can contain all of the other styling elements. See Chapter 13 for further details and examples. You should also make sure that you have not accidentally deleted the rules from the ruleset for your styling elements.

QuarkXPress crashes when I try to load it with Atomik Xport installed in the XTensions folder

There are several things that could bring this about. The three main ones are...

  1. 1 Multiple Atomik Xport XTensions installed - Make sure that you only have one copy of the Atomik Xport XTensions software installed on your computer in the XTensions folder. Also make sure that you don’t have any copies of the Atomik Xport XTensions software in the Disabled XTensions folder. This is because although the XTensions in this folder are designated disabled, QuarkXPress still continues to load them. This therefore has the same effect as having two Atomik Xport XTensions in the XTensions folder.
  2. 2 XTensions conflict - It is possible to get conflicts between QuarkXPress XTensions from time to time. There are various reasons that this happen but if you let the developers of the conflicting XTensions know, this is usually resolvable. To diagnose which XTensions are conflicting, try backing up all of your XTensions in the XTensions folder and then remove all XTensions from the XTensions folder apart from Atomik Xport and the minimal installed XTensions set that comes with QuarkXPress. Now try adding each XTensions, one at a time or in batches, to isolate which XTension is causing the conflict.
  3. 3 Memory - Make sure that you have the maximum possible amount of memory allocated to QuarkXPress. At a minimum you will need to have enough for the QuarkXPress application and all of the XTensions installed in the XTensions folder. In reality you will want considerably more, in order to allow for opening the projects themselves.