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Chapter 5 Tutorial 3: Atomik Xport Tools

In this tutorial, you will learn about how the Atomik Xport Tools plug-in can be used to prepare your content for extraction. It works by allowing the QuarkXPress operator to author-in information into the layout that will override the automated extraction system.

There are three specific ways you can use the Xport Tools:

1. Associating captions with images

2. Associating copyright text with images

3. Excluding boxes

Note: You may freely install the Atomik Xport Tools plug-in across your organization and at your suppliers. The Tools plug-in may be installed independently of Atomik Xport using the Atomik Xport installer. The Atomik Xport Tools plug-in does not require activation. More information on the freely distributable plug-in can be found in ‘Chapter 7 – Atomik Xport Tools’.