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6.1 Creating a ruleset

The first step in creating a ruleset is to load a DTD.

  1. 1 Launch QuarkXPress with Atomik Xport enabled

If you have not yet successfully installed Atomik Xport, please refer to installation instructions for details of how to achieve this.

  1. 2 Confirm that the Atomik Xport menu is visible

If it is not, please go back to the Getting Started Guide, and follow the installation instructions – otherwise proceed to step 3

  1. 3 Open a QuarkXPress project of the type you wish to extract content from using this ruleset
  2. 4 From the Atomik Xport menu, select ‘New Ruleset...’

The “Create New Ruleset’ window appears. Enter a name for the new ruleset. The DTD Path displayed will be the one used last time or will be blank if this is the first time this window has been used.

To choose a new DTD press the browse (‘...’) button and a file dialog will appear prompting you to ‘Select a DTD’.

You can now use the window to browse your hard disk or available network drives to locate the DTD you wish to use in the ruleset.

  1. 5 Locate and select the DTD you wish to use
  2. 6 Click ‘Open’

Once you have selected your DTD file, ensure you have entered a name for the new ruleset and press “OK”.

  1. 7 If there are any DTD syntax errors these will be displayed in the ‘DTD Syntax Errors:’ panel. Otherwise, the new ruleset will be created in the ruleset folder currently specified in your Atomik Xport Preferences. See Managing Rulesets later in this chapter for further details.

Ruleset Editor

You should now see the Ruleset Editor. This means that your DTD has been successfully loaded into Atomik Xport and the ruleset created. If you receive an error message at this point, it is likely that your DTD is either corrupt or invalid. Please refer to Chapter 7 - Working with DTDs For Atomik Xport.