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6.2 Editing a ruleset

You can edit rulesets that have already been created in Atomik Xport. This is useful if you have an existing ruleset that needs to be updated, for example if a publication is redesigned. The information in the publication may be the same, but the styles or style sheets used in the QuarkXPress projects may have changed. In this situation, it is sensible to update your existing ruleset to include the new styles and/or style sheets from the re-designed publication.

To edit a ruleset:

  1. 1 Select ‘Edit Ruleset’ from the Atomik Xport menu

  1. 2 From the list of available rulesets, select the ruleset you wish to edit
  2. 3 Click on the DTD element for which you want to edit a rule

This will cause the style sheets associated with the DTD element to be indicated in the left-hand box by an ‘arrow’ icon. Also, the typographical information for each style or style sheet associated with that DTD element is displayed in the right-hand panel of the Ruleset Editor.

  1. 4 In the rules box, on the right-hand-side of the Ruleset Editor, click on the rule you wish to update. The typographical information for that rule will be highlighted.

You can now choose to either change the rule settings or delete the rule altogether by clicking on the ‘Delete Rule’ button. You can also add additional rules to the ruleset or delete other existing rules. This is achieved in exactly the same way as described in the previous section, ‘Defining Rules’

  1. 5 Once you have made all of the changes you need to the ruleset, Click ‘OK’
  2. The changes to your ruleset have now been saved.