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6.6 Boxes tab

A ruleset in Atomik Xport consists of rules and preferences. Previous sections in this chapter describe how to set up rules for a ruleset. The preferences primarily enable you to dictate the order in which the Atomik Xport Automated Matching System (AMS) navigates through a QuarkXPress layout from one text or picture box to the next. These options are referred to as ‘box-ordering preferences’ in this manual for clarity.

Different publications have different layouts, which may have different text flows, and so you need to be able to specify the order in which Atomik Xport follows text and picture boxes in a QuarkXPress layout.

The box-ordering preferences will be explained in more detail below.

To configure the box-ordering preferences for your ruleset:

  1. 1 Select ‘Edit Ruleset’ from the Atomik Xport menu and select the ruleset you wish to set the box ordering for

The Ruleset Editor will appear

  1. 2 Click the ‘Boxes’ tab on the right-hand-side of the Ruleset Editor.

The Ruleset Editor will now display the box-ordering preferences. These are displayed in two rows as below:

Box Ordering preferences in the Ruleset Editor

The main Box Ordering box frame contains the principle box ordering preferences. These are:

• Default • Reverse

• Follow Groups • Insert Overlapping Boxes

The bottom row contains less important Treat as Group box ordering preferences which are principally for backwards compatibility with older versions of Atomik Xport. These may be removed in a future version of Atomik Xport. These are:

• Boxes in Frames • Boxes in Lines

3 The most important box ordering preference is whether to use Default or Reverse box ordering. You can select either Default or Reverse but not both. When selected the icon changes from yellow to a dark orange.

You can also choose whether to Follow Groups. When this is checked the Atomik Xport matching system will traverse groups before continuing on with the rest of the spread.

You can also choose to Insert Overlapping Boxes. An overlapping box is a floating, i.e. non-anchored box which overlaps another box. When checked the Atomik Xport matching system will attempt to insert this in the right place in the output. Overlapping image boxes will always be inserted at the end of a paragraph. Overlapping text boxes will not be inserted at the end of a paragraph unless the additional checkbox “Always Insert between Paragraphs” is checked.

  1. 4 Once you have made all of the changes you need to the ruleset box preferences, click ‘OK’