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Chapter 7 Atomik Tools

Atomik Tools provides buttons, palettes and menu items for enriching documents in preparation for extraction by Atomik Xport. This enrichment data is stored in the document itself as a kind of metadata.

Laying out elements on a page in accordance with a predetermined box order can impose constraints on the design of your publication. A DTD will typically require an image to be followed, or preceded, by the relevant caption and copyright information. Imposing this kind of consistency on the layout may be difficult, or, in magazine design, inappropriate.

Another real-world issue arises around content-exclusion. Although it is possible to exclude text from the extracted XML, simply by not mapping its style to an element, an editor may want the freedom to exclude content which has the same styles applied as extracted content. Further, many production workflows need to exclude images that are adverts from their extracted data, while retaining images that are relevant to the narrative.

For these cases, we have provided Atomik Tools, a separate XTension that can be distributed among your designers, allowing them to author-in information into the layout that will override the automated extraction system. The Atomik Tools XTension does not require activation and there are no licensing restrictions preventing you from installing it on multiple machines in your company.

Atomik Tools provides the following enrichment capabilities:

• Associating caption and copyright text with images

• Marking boxes to be excluded from any extraction, for example adverts

• Marking text or grouped boxes to be extracted as an image, rather than considered as text

• Setting different PPI (pixel per inch) settings per image when Atomik Xport is generating web-friendly graphics

• Ability to override the box ordering settings in an Atomik Xport ruleset used for extraction

• Ability to record a custom box ordering or to consider a document as a sequence of articles


The Atomik Tools are provided as a separate XTension which is loaded into QuarkXPress using the installer. You can run this installer on as many workstations as you need - the only requirement is that QuarkXPress is already present on the computer. Atomik Tools runs independently of Atomik Xport, and no activation is required. The Atomik Tools palette is incorporated into the QuarkXPress ‘Measurements’ palette, which can be accessed from the Window menu on QuarkXPress’ menu bar.