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10.1 Manual extraction using the rules

To use the rules defined in the ruleset for the XML Preview you are using, you will need to manually extract the content on a text-box by text-box basis. When the content is manually dragged onto an element in the XML panel, Atomik Xport will automatically examine the styles and style sheets being used on the text within the dragged text box and use the rules to determine what to extract and which DTD elements to extract the content to. In the case of an picture box it will simply add the image as the DTD allows.

This is achieved as follows:

  1. 1 Launch QuarkXPress with Atomik Xport enabled
  2. 2 Confirm that the Atomik Xport menu is visible
  3. 3 ‘Open’ the project from which you wish to extract content as XML
  4. 4 Create an XML Preview to add the project contents to.
  5. 5 Click on the triangle to the left of the root element of the DTD in the XML panel to reveal the structure of the XML document contained in the Preview (if there is one).

Note: If you created a new XML Preview and/or do not have content currently added to the Preview, there will be no structure to see and therefore no triangle to expand the structure.

To add content to any element in the DTD, perform the following actions:

  1. 6 Make sure that you are in item selection mode in QuarkXPress by clicking on the Item Tool on the tool palette

  1. 7 Hold down the shift and control keys simultaneously, and while continuing to hold down these keys, drag the required text box onto the corresponding DTD element in the XML panel or onto the root element and release the mouse

Manually extracting content using the ruleset

Text will only be added to elements as the DTD allows. For example you cannot add text where no text is allowed by the DTD. Atomik Xport thereby ensures that the extracted XML conforms 100% to the DTD structure, producing valid XML.

DTD element choices

In some cases the DTD might specify that their is more than one possible choice of XML element that can be used for the content that is being added. In this case Atomik Xport will automatically present you with a pop-up list of the options so you can specify what the content is that is being manually added. If the DTD specifies that there is only one element that can be created to hold the selected text, the content will just be added without requiring you to specify the DTD element.

XML element selection pop-up menu