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10.3 Appending and replacing text in an existing preview

Irrespective of whether or not you are manually extracting content in Item Selection mode using the rules, or Content Selection mode ignoring the rules, Atomik Xport enables you to either replace or append existing content.

If an XML element already contains text content, text can be appended to this XML element. That is, new text can be added on to the end of a string of text that has already been extracted from the QuarkXPress layout. This is extremely useful if, for example, the QuarkXPress layout has not been styled consistently or if multiple text boxes contain a single story but those text boxes have not been linked in any way.

Similarly, text that has already been extracted can easily be replaced with a manual extraction process that overwrites the existing text in an XML element with new text.

If you manually drag content from the QuarkXPress page onto an element in an XML Preview that has existing content (see previous sections), a pop-up box will appear as you release the mouse from the drag and drop operation. The pop-up contains a choice between ‘Append’ and ‘Replace’ text.

  1. Click ‘Append’ to add the new text onto the end of the current content in the XML Publisher or click ‘Replace’ to replace the text currently in the XML Preview with the text dragged from the QuarkXPress page.

Append/Replace Text pop-up during a manual extraction process