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12.3 Manually extracting tables

It is possible to manually extract a table from QuarkXPress. You might want to do this if, for instance, the table is located away from the article to which it relates. This can be achieved through a simple drag and drop procedure similar to the manual extraction process described in Chapter 8 - Extracting Content Manually.

Before proceeding, ensure the DTD you are using in Atomik Xport has the Table element declaration included within it and then:

  1. 1 Make sure that you are in item selection mode in QuarkXPress by clicking on the Item Tool on the tool palette
  2. 2 Hold down the shift and control keys simultaneously, while continuing to hold down these keys, drag the required text box containing the table onto any element within the Atomik Xport XML panel that can accept a Table as a child element.
  3. 3 Release the mouse

As previously described with manual content extraction, text will only be added to elements as the DTD allows.


The DTD being used in Atomik Xport has the following structure:

Article contains a Headline followed by Bodytext followed by optional Table. The portion of the DTD for the Article element is as follows:

<!ELEMENT Article (Headline, Bodytext, Table?)> 

A table can be dragged and dropped onto any Article element that already has a Headline and Bodytext element present. This is because the DTD specifies that the Table element can only follow the Bodytext element. If the table is dragged and dropped onto a Headline element, it will not be accepted because only a Bodytext tag can follow a Headline, according to the DTD.

Once the table has successfully been added to the XML, each cell of the table will be contained in a TableData tag.