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4.1 Loading a DTD

  1. 1 Launch QuarkXPress with Atomik Xport enabled

If you have not yet successfully installed Atomik Xport, please refer to installation instructions in the Getting Started Guide for details of how to achieve this.

  1. 2 Confirm that the Atomik Xport menu is visible
  2. 3 From the File menu select ‘Open’
  3. Locate the QuarkXPress project ‘Tutorial2’ from the Tutorials folder (/Tutorials/Tutorial2) and select it.

On OS X the Tutorials Folder can be found on the Macintosh HD in: Library/Documentation/Atomik Xport QuarkXPress 4.6

On Windows the Tutorials Folder can be found in the Shared Documents folder (on XP) or in the Public Documents folder (Vista).

  1. 5 Click ‘Open‘. If you recieve a message warning you of a conflict choose ‘Keep Project Settings’

You should now see the document below. The next step is to configure the Atomik Xport Preferences to tell Atomik Xport where it should store and locate its ruleset files. If you have just done Tutorial 1, then this will already be correct and you can skip this step.

Tutorial 2

  1. 6 Select ‘Preferences’ from the Atomik Xport menu

  1. 7 In the Rulesets section of the Preferences window, click the ‘Choose...’ button.
  2. In the ‘Browse For Folder’ dialog, locate the ‘Rulesets’ folder within the ‘Tutorials’ folder
  3. 9 When you have located the ‘Rulesets’ folder, open the folder
  4. 10 With the ‘Rulesets’ folder selected, click ‘Choose’ (Mac) or ‘OK’ (Win)
  5. 11 Click the ‘OK’ button to save your Preferences

Atomik Xport will look in the Rulesets folder within the Tutorials folder for any rulesets that it needs.

  1. 12 Click on the Atomik Xport menu within QuarkXPress and select ‘New Ruleset...’

  1. A dialog appears entitled ‘Create New Ruleset’. This dialog allows you to name the ruleset and to select the DTD you wish to associate with the ruleset.

  1. Type a name for the ruleset in the ‘Create New Ruleset’ box. For the purposes of this tutorial, type in the name ‘Tutorial2.rls’.
  2. Use the browse button (‘...‘) to locate and select the DTD named ‘Tutorial2.dtd’ (located within the ‘/Tutorials/Tutorial2’ folder)
  3. Click ‘Open’ to load the DTD.
  4. In the Create New Ruleset dialog, click the OK button

Atomik Xport will always save rulesets to the ruleset folder currently specified in your Atomik Xport Preferences. See the chapter ‘Working with Rulesets’ for further details.

Ruleset Editor

You should now see the Ruleset Editor. This means that your DTD has been successfully loaded into Atomik Xport and the ruleset created.