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15.2 Automatically extracting styling information

As Atomik Xport works by associating styling information in the QuarkXPress project with elements in your DTD, the styling DTD elements you have defined in your DTD will also be visible in the Ruleset Editor. However rather than requiring the user to setup rules for styling elements, Atomik Xport automatically creates the rules for you at the point the ruleset is created. So for example if you have defined a ‘B’ element (Bold) in your DTD, when you create a new ruleset based on this DTD, a rule for the ‘B’ Element will automatically be setup. This rule will show the name of the style to which it applies. For example the rule for element ‘B’ will read ‘Bold’ and rule for the element ‘sup’ will read ‘Superscript’. Here is how this will look in the Ruleset Editor for the ‘sup’ DTD element.

Example of a styling element its rule