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1.1 Introduction

Atomik Roundtrip is software that provides full, bi-directional eXtensible Markup Language (XML) support for QuarkXPress. Atomik Roundtrip is XTensions software. XTensions software is software that bolts on to the main QuarkXPress application enabling third party developers and Quark themselves to extend the functionality of the base QuarkXPress application, providing new and exciting features.

“Roundtrip” is a trip from one place to another and back again. With Atomik Roundtrip you can import XML into QuarkXPress and re-export it. However Atomik Roundtrip offers much, much more.

Users can update the QuarkXPress document automatically if the source XML file changes, update the source XML file if the QuarkXPress document changes. As the XML file(s) are embedded within the QuarkXPress document, Atomik Roundtrip can even export XML from QuarkXPress without referencing the source XML file(s). No other product provides this level of support for 'roundtripping' XML in QuarkXPress.

Atomik Roundtrip is primarily for anyone who uses QuarkXPress for print production and would like to integrate their digital and print workflows using XML. This includes magazine, book, scientific, newspaper, catalogue, directory and financial publishers. It also includes corporate publishers, agencies and service bureaux. As Atomik Roundtrip can be implemented on every copy of QuarkXPress in an organisation, both Mac and Windows, designers, editors and the production team can all be included in an XML workflow.