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2.4 Activating Atomik Roundtrip

You must now either activate your copy of Roundtrip, or use it in Demonstration Mode. In Demonstration Mode some words in the exported XML will be scrambled.

Should you choose Demonstration Mode, you may turn Roundtrip into a fully functional version at any time by activating the software from the ‘About’ screen (found in the ‘Roundtrip’ menu in the QuarkXPress menu bar).

If you have a purchased product your Activation Code will appear as a label on the back of the Atomik Roundtrip CD-case.

If you wish to activate an installation from a promotional CD then a license may be purchased from the website URL shown on the back of your CD slip-case. Upon purchase, you will receive your Activation Code via email.

It is extremely important that you keep a record of your Activation Code in a safe place in case you need to re-install Atomik Roundtrip in the future.

  1. 1 Launch QuarkXPress (if it is not already running)
  2. 2 Towards the end of the Quark launch process the Activation Window will appear. Alternatively, if you are already running Roundtrip in Demonstration Mode then select “About” from either the Import or Xport menu on the Quark XPress menu bar.
  3. In the Activate Atomik Roundtrip screen, you must first read and accept the License Agreement displayed, confirming this by clicking on the “I Accept” button.
  4. 4 Next, type your Activation Code into the four empty fields below the License Agreement.
  1. 5 You must now select whether to activate via the internet or via email. If your computer is connected to the internet then see step 6 below. If you do not have an internet connection then you will need to activate via email - proceed to step 7 below.
  2. 6 Select the “Activate via Internet” option button, then click “Activate”. If you have entered the correct code then the Activate window will automatically close. If your Activation Code was not valid you will receive a message box alerting you of this, and you must enter the code again.
  3. 7 To activate via email, select the ‘Activate via Email’ option button, and click “Activate”. An “Activate via Email” window will appear, displaying an Activation Request Code.
  4. Copy this code into an email and send it to
  1. You should presently receive an email from Easypress containing an Activation Unlock Code. Enter this code into the empty box, and click OK. If you have entered the correct code then the Activate window will automatically close and your copy of Atomik Roundtrip will now be fully functional.