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Chapter 11 Exercises

Take a look at the finished layout on the following pages. This layout has the same content as the XML file which you have been using in these tutorials.

  1. Recreate this layout using the drag & drop techniques described in Tutorials 1 and 4, using the ‘Easy_Magazine.rls’ ruleset to format your text. You can use the RT_Tutorial1.qpt document as a starting point.
  2. Try making up your own ruleset to import the XML using the same formatting as appears in the finished layout, as you learned to do in Tutorial 3. Alternatively, try defining your own ruleset to change the way in which the text is imported to make a new style for the publication.
  3. Try to recreate this layout using place holders instead of drag & drop, so that you can simply click on the ‘Flow XML into place holders’ button, and the entire document, including pictures, will be imported into your document. You can use the elements provided for you in the library file to make this easier.
  4. Take a look at the file ‘Easy_Journal_Finished.qxp’. Try to recreate an appropriate ruleset from scratch (using the file Easy_Journal.dtd - which can be found in the ‘Sample DTDs’ folder inside the ‘Atomik Roundtrip’ folder on your hard disk).