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12.1.1 Focus Tab

The Focus Tab of the Roundtrip XML palette lists all of the XML documents, place holders and rulesets which are reference by the front most QuarkXPress document. Selecting an item in this list so that it becomes highlighted makes that item the focus of the remaining tabs of the Roundtrip XML palette. This is particularly important when working with multiple XML files, which may have different structures, in the same QuarkXPress document.

Each entry in the list in the Document tab is in the following format:

<Item type><Item Name>[<Structure Name>*][<Ruleset Name>]

*Note an inverse circumflex character followed by an ‘i’ denotes an internal DTD contained within the XML file.

If you wish to change the ruleset which has been applied to your XML file at any time (say, for example, you accidentally imported the XML with the wrong ruleset, or you wish to use different rulesets for styling parts of your document differently); you can right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) the entry for your XML file in the focus tab of the Atomik XML palette, and select a new ruleset to apply. This won’t change text which is already on the page, but will be applied to content which you drag to the page subsequently.