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12.1.4 Errors Tab

When XML is imported into Atomik Roundtrip, it is validated against its DTD. This is identified either by having the complete structure declared in the <!DOCTYPE...> declaration, or by a reference to a DTD file in this declaration.

If there are any problems found with this validation, or problems are encountered when trying to read the XML file or its associated DTD, then an error will be generated and listed in the errors tab of the Roundtrip XML palette. Some errors will be sufficiently serious that Roundtrip will not be able to parse all of the XML, and will stop at the position where the problem was encountered. Under these circumstances, only the XML which precedes the cause of the problem can be imported into QuarkXPress.

One thing which commonly causes errors to appear in this tab is the use of external URL references within XML files. As QuarkXPress is not a web browser, it cannot resolve these URL references. However, the usual application of such URL references is to point to entity listings, which map entities to the full text or object which they represent. The simple resolution for this is to place the entity files into the ‘Default entity location’ folder which you specify in your Atomik Roundtrip preferences. For more information on entities and entity files, please consult the ‘Guide to XML’, elsewhere in this documentation.