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12.2 Roundtrip XML Palette buttons

The Roundtrip XML palette contains multiple buttons which give the user access to manipulate and use XML content. The context of the functionality of these buttons is dependent on what the current selection in the ‘Focus’ tab of the Roundtrip XML palette is.

Import XML. This button allows you to bring in an XML file to the current QuarkXPress document. On import you are given the option to select a ruleset, which will then be applied to all XML placed into the QuarkXPress document from this XML file. Alternatively, the user can select ‘No Ruleset’, in which case the XML content which is imported must be styled manually, or ‘Default Ruleset’ whereby Roundtrip will look for a ruleset whose name matches that of the DTD declared in the Doctype declaration of the XML file which is being imported. For example, if the XML file conforms to the DTD ‘Easy_Magazine.dtd’, Roundtrip will look for a ruleset named ‘Easy_Magazine.rls’.

Export XML. This button will export an XML document which is currently stored within the QuarkXPress document. The user is asked to specify a location and filename to save this file to. Note that as this action is making a duplicate of the XML document which is stored within the QuarkXPress document, this process does not change the original XML file which was imported into QuarkXPress, unless you save with the same filename to the same location. Also note that only the XML structure which is selected in the Focus tab of the Roundtrip XML palette will be exported.

Save XML. This button saves an XML structure which has been imported into QuarkXPress back to its original disk file This function also saves any changes which have been made in QuarkXPress, and updated into the XML file by clicking the ‘Update XML from document’ button. This function will be performed on the XML document which is selected in the Focus tab of the Roundtrip XML palette.

Update XML from Page. When a change is made on the QuarkXPress page, this button writes the change back to the XML document which is stored within the QuarkXPress document, and shown in the Roundtrip XML palette.

Update Page from XML. When the XML document inside the QuarkXPress document has changed - maybe because an updated XML file has been loaded in - then clicking this button will flow any changes in the XML document onto the QuarkXPress page, applying the ruleset rules as necessary. Note that when updating, only content which has changed will be updated. i.e. unchanged elements are not reflowed onto the QuarkXPress page, so local formatting is preserved.

Note that if the ‘Update XML from Page’ source’ preferences are checked in the Roundtrip Preferences, then clicking ‘Update XML from document’ will automatically write the changes to the original XML file, and if the ‘Update Layout from Page’ preferences are checked, the XML file will automatically be reloaded into the QuarkXPress document.

Validate XML. Clicking this button will check the validity of the XML file against its DTD or XML schema document. The results from this validation will be written to the Error tab of the Roundtrip XML palette.

Create place holders. This creates a new place holder document, and asks the user to select a DTD (from which the structure of the place holders will be determined), and a ruleset, which will be automatically applied to the XML which is flowed into the place holders.

Flow XML into place holders. This will allow the user to flow text from an imported XML file into place holders which have previously been defined. The QuarkXPress document must contain place holders, and an XML file must be selected in the Focus tab of the Roundtrip XML palette. If the “Flow XML into Place Holders on Import” check box in the Roundtrip Tab of the Preferences is checked, then simply importing an XML document will cause the content to be flowed into placeholders.

Create Ruleset. This allows the user to create a new ruleset. The user will be asked to specify a DTD on which to base this ruleset’s structure, and to supply a name for the new ruleset. The ruleset will be stored in the folder specified for rulesets in the Atomik Roundtrip preferences.

Remove XML from document. This allows the user to remove all content from a particular XML structure - which must be selected in the focus tab of the Roundtrip XML palette - from the QuarkXPress document.

Remove XML element. This will remove the selected XML element from the QuarkXPress document. This has the same effect as deleting the text or graphic element from the page within QuarkXPress manually. By removing the XML element, it becomes available to be positioned elsewhere within the QuarkXPress document.

Update missing pictures If your XML had references to image files which could not be resolved, a ‘missing picture’ image will be placed into the document. Clicking this button will attempt to resolve the XML references to the image again, and replace the placeholder images with the correct images.

Compare XML with document. Clicking this button will compare the content in the QuarkXPress document with the XML in the XML palette. Any XML element which has changed will be highlighted in bold in the XML palette.

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