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2.5 Deactivating Atomik Roundtrip

In the event that you want to transfer your Atomik Roundtrip license to another computer, you must first deactivate the original installation.

  1. 1 Select ‘About’ from the ‘Roundtrip’ menu on the QuarkXPress menu bar.
  2. 2 The ‘About’ window will appear. Click the Deactivate button.
  3. 3 A message will appear offering you the choice of deactivating via the internet (see Step 4 below) of via email (see Step 5).
  4. 4 If you chose to deactivate via the internet, a message will appear confirming the deactivation has been successful and informing you that some words will be scrambled in the exported XML. You have now completed deactivation and may skip the remaining steps.
  5. 5 If you chose to deactivate via email then a “Deactivate via Email” window will appear, prompting you to enter your original Activation Code. Type your code into the four empty fields and press ‘Enter’.
  6. 6 This will generate and display a Deactivation Request Code. Copy this code into an email and send it to
  7. 7 You should presently receive an email from Easypress containing a Deactivation Unlock Code. Enter this code into the empty box, and click OK. If you have entered the correct code then the window will automatically close and your copy of Atomik Roundtrip will now be deactivated.
  8. You can now activate your license on another computer by following the steps in Section 2.4.