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2.6 Uninstalling Atomik Roundtrip

To uninstall Atomik Roundtrip you will need your original installation CD and the file ‘Install Atomik Roundtrip’.

  1. 1 Place the ‘Atomik Roundtrip’ CD in your CD drive.

On Windows, the Atomik Roundtrip installer will start automatically. A CD icon entitled ‘Atomik Roundtrip’ will appear on your desktop

  1. 2 Double-click on the CD icon to open the CD folder

This will open a window containing the Install Atomik Roundtrip application.

  1. 3 Double-click on the Install Atomik Roundtrip application to begin the Atomik installation process
  2. 4 Follow the on-screen instructions this time selecting the Uninstall option rather than Easy Install that you selected during installation.

Atomik Roundtrip will now be removed from your computer.