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12.5.1 Roundtrip

Reset Error Tab on Import or Validate - when selected, this will automatically clear the error tab of the Roundtrip XML palette every time a new XML file is imported. This makes the error log easier to read, as only the errors from the last import will be shown. However, this does not allow you to see the history of any errors which have occurred in your XML imports.

Switch to Error Tab automatically - when selected, this will automatically show the error tab of the Roundtrip XML palette if an error is generated when importing an XML file. This instantly alerts the user to problems with importing the XML file.

Max Errors - is the maximum number of entries stored in the error log. When this value is reached, earlier errors are removed from the list as new ones are added. 50 is the default value for this field.

”Update Layout from Page” also Reloads XML from File - When selected, this option will automatically apply ‘Update document from XML’ when an XML file is reimported; so that changes automatically get brought onto the page, without requiring user intervention.

“Update XML from Page” also Saves XML to File - When selected, this option will automatically apply ‘Save XML’ whenever the user selects ‘Update XML from Page’.

Flow XML into place holders on import - When selected, this option will automatically flow the imported XML into place holders, without requiring the user to select ‘Flow XML into place holders’. Note that this will only happen automatically if the XML’s DTD matches that of the place holders. If not enabled, this option is also avaialble in the ‘Import XML’ dialogue.

Warn of missing styles on XML Import - This option will let you know if the ruleset you are using to Import XML references Styles which are not defined in your Quark document.

Automatically check for XTension updates - When selected, this option will let Roundtrip check for an updated release of the software via the internet and inform you if such is available.

Create missing styles during ruleset edit - This option forces Roundtrip to automatically create any missing styles used in the ruleset. These styles can then be edited to give them the attributes required.

View Element Names by Default/View Matching Rule Names by Default - This option offers you the choice of displaying either the DTD element names or matching rule names by default. The display can be toggled by Ctrl/right clicking inside the XML tab in the Roundtrip XML palette.