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12.5.2 Roundtrip Folders

These settings allow you to specify the location of various files which Atomik Roundtrip will use.

Default Entity Folder - This is the location for entity map files. Entities are ‘abbreviations’ in XML, which can be used to make it more readable, and allow for the same XML to be used in different circumstances, with some values appropriately substituted. A common example of entity files would be those which map specific characters to more meaningful character entities. For more info on entities, please refer to the “Guide to XML” elsewhere in this documentation.

The default entity location will contain entity files. These are XML files which consist exclusively of entity declarations, and usually have a .ent file extension.

If the XML files which you wish to import into Atomik Roundtrip contain URL references to Entity files, then a copy of those entity files should be placed in this folder.

Default DTD Folder - This folder will contain the DTD files which are referenced from the XML which you wish to use in Atomik Roundtrip. If the XML which you wish to import contains URL references to DTD or XML Schema documents, then a copy of these documents should be placed in this folder.

If you wish to use a DTD to create a ruleset or place holder document, then it must be inside this folder.

Default Ruleset Folder - This folder contains Atomik Roundtrip ruleset files.

Default Image Folder - This folder can be used to store image files, the references to which could be stored within your XML files.