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1.2 About This User Manual

This User Manual is intended to enable you to realise the full potential of Atomik Roundtrip. There are two key components to this User Manual, tutorials and reference. The tutorials will take you through specific documents and files provided on the distribution CD or download. This should enable you to see Atomik Roundtrip in action without having to involve yourself in any serious set up and configuration (unless part of the tutorial). The reference chapters of this User Manual are intended to help you use Atomik Roundtrip with your own publications and content.

In a large publishing organisation there will likely be a range of types of users of Atomik Roundtrip. There will be administrators who potentially configure preferences and rulesets, content specialists responsible for the XML management and designers using XML through Atomik Roundtrip to build their publications. Therefore the user manual covers a wide range of topics some of which will be appropriate for users and some specific to administrators.

You’ll also find a useful glossary of terms at the conclusion of this User Manual and solutions to common issues.