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12.7 Roundtrip Elements

After an XML file has been imported and flowed onto the QuarkXPress page, the Atomik Roundtrip Elements palette can be used to add any extra XML elements (still conforming to the DTD) onto the page, these changes can then immediately be saved back to the XML. A good example of uses for this palette would be for instance, to pick out selected words in plain text as italic or bold elements or alternatively to highlight URL’s and email addresses that are currently not defined as separate XML elements from the rest of the text. The Roundtrip Elements palette can also be used to separate element selections into more than one element within the XML, this can be achieved by selecting the element and clicking on the ‘Split Element’ button in the palette.

The Atomik Roundtrip Elements palette is very similar in appearance to the QuarkXPress Stylesheet palette except rather than being made up of a ‘Paragraph’ and a ‘Character’ section, it is split into two sections showing ‘parent’ and ‘child’ elements. The Roundtrip Elements palette changes according to what is selected on the page within the text chain in the frontmost QuarkXPress document.