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12.8 Roundtrip Entities

The Entities palette lists all of the entities which are referenced in your XML file. From this palette you can drag & drop special characters, which are normally represented in your XML as character entities, into your XML text on the QuarkXPress page.

Alternatively, if you type the equivalent character, and the ‘Export’ option is selected for that character in the Entities palette, the character will be replaced with the appropriate entity when you export the text as XML (if ‘Export’ was not available, the character will be output normally).

The Entities palette displays the entity name (that appears in the XML between an ampersand and semicolon: i.e. &entityName; ), the display character, and the Unicode character number. The XML file and its DTD define, through entity declarations, which Unicode character is mapped to which entities. The display character, which is what appears on the printed page in QuarkXPress to correspond to this entity, is defined in the Unicode Mapping dialog within Atomik Roundtrip. The full entities palette will always display all of the entities which are defined in the current XML file and its DTD, regardless of whether they are actually used in the XML or not. You may only need to use a few of these in your workflow; so to make the list easier to manage, you can click into the ‘In popup’ column for the entities which you would like to have easy access to, and then click the ‘less’ button. This will display a reduced entity palette, which lists only the entities which you have chosen.