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Chapter 17 Working with Attributes

Your XML may have data which you wish to bring onto the page which is stored in attribute values rather than as parsed character data (#PCDATA) within the XML file. You can still bring these elements into your QuarkXPress page.

In the ruleset palette, you’ll notice a pop-up menu at the top, which lists all of the attributes which are specified in the DTD for the current element.

If you select one of the attributes from the pop-up menu, the ‘Map Attribute’ check box will become enabled, and if you check this box, then the text which is contained in that attribute will be imported into the document.

When you create a ‘Map Attribute’ rule, the attribute will be brought into the document before any rules for the content of the element. Multiple map attribute rules will be applied in the order in which the attributes are listed in the <!ATTLIST declaration for that element in the DTD.