Breakfast at Bronzefield

Sophie Campbell

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Sophie Campbell
Sophie Campbell
368 pages



Why Breakfast at Bronzefield was our Production Book of the Month?

Sophie Campbell came to Easypress as a self-publishing author with her first title Breakfast at Bronzefield. What instantly set Sophie Campbell apart from our many authors was her obvious knowledge of how a fully linked publishing process works! In our experience with working with authors their entire focus is on their manuscript leaving little room or understanding of what it takes to publish their manuscript for both a print and digital eBook.

Production houses love responsive authors, it makes our work and turn-around much smoother when the author is answering our emails promptly giving clear direction and purpose. An Author who knows what they want for their manuscript and how they want it published makes our lives so much simpler. Sophie Campbell is the perfect example of an ideal author; it has been a joy for our team to work so effectively and productively. Her no nonsense approach, coupled with the challenges of publishing in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown, was truly impressive. Despite the panic of the day, Easypress was able to publish her first print and digital book on time and on budget!

When re-launching Easypress' website we couldn't think of a better first winner for our new regular title of Production Book of the Month.

We wish Sophie Campbell every success with Breakfast at Bronzefield and look forward to many more books to come from this brilliant new author.


James Macfarlane